We’re Goudhaan, Belgian Advertising School’s pop-up agency. Our chicken run is open from May 15 until June 21.

Goudhaan unites young talent with golden ideas and combines the strengths of two generations all at once. We’re the most badass agency you’ll ever work with – and we might even be the oldest one as well.

how we work


We want to be agile and sprint like roosters do. That’s why we adapt our proposal to all of our clients. Let’s get personal!


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Our pop-up has 39 employees. It’s not a coincidence that that’s the exact number of rooster species all around the world. (We don’t know if that’s true but it would be cool though)


Goudhaan works with two teams. On the one hand, we have the BAS team bursting with youthful energy. Our Goudraad, on the other hand, harvests endless years of experience and knowhow.


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We want to deliver the best quality possible. Because we’re only up and running for 6 weeks, we can only take a limited amount of clients.

These clients have chosen us and we have chosen them. We are very proud to work with these awesome brands.


More details coming soon


Goudhaan can only exist thanks to our partners, so give them a round of applause!


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Counting down to Goudhaan’s last day. We’ll make all of them count! Find us at Kannunik De Deckerstraat 20, OH! Mechelen

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